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2015 Post Doctor Recruitment Notice of ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holdings Company Together with Southwest University etc, ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holdings is now recruiting postdoctoral researchers to build a first-class post doctor workstation majoring in small and micro finance in China. Founded in 2004, ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holdings is currently China’s largest private small and micro finance service provider and the first and only private institution of the profession listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With a registered capital of 4.6 billion RMB, 7.5 billion RMB net assets and 11.9 billion RMB of total asset, ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holdings enjoys prominent advantages in capital scale, service network, service team and management capacity. The company has under it comprehensive inclusive financial service providers and various small and micro finance service platforms, including Hanhua Guarantee Company, Hanhua Small Loan Company, Hanhua Asset Management Company, Changjiang Factoring Company, etc. During the past 10 years, Hanhua has been doing well by committing to providing financial services to small and micro businesses, rural, agricultural and farmer-run economics, and privately-owned businesses. Up to the end of 2014, Hanhua’s accumulated business value has surpassed 141.5 billion RMB, with a balance of 23.6 billion RMB and 40,000 customers. It has created more than 400,000 jobs and directly contributed over 730 million RMB to local tax revenues. Thanks to high management capability and efficient internal control measures, Hanhua’s non-performance ratio is lower than the industry’s average. In the past 10 years, Hanhua stayed committed to legal operation and built a sound service-providing and risk-managing system for small and micro finance, so it withstood harsh tests from business and industrial cycles and maintained 10 years of profit making. Hanhua, dedicated to exploring a development path for small and micro finance in China as always, endeavors to produce research results and practical achievements in theory and in practice. It facilitates the growth of national economy whose mainstay is small and medium sized businesses through sustained financial support and knowledge contribution. In 2011, Hanhua Guarantee Company under ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Group set up the first post doctor workstation focusing on small and micro finance in China, so as to pool talents and wisdom and make greater contributions to the country’s inclusive finance development. We hereby welcome with utmost sincerity doctoral graduates who are interested in small and micro finance research to join the workstation and carry out relevant studies.
Recruitment Conditions 1. With good political caliber and moral soundness, law abiding, unblemished personal history; 2. Doctoral degree of finance-related majors received at home or abroad in recent years; 3. Aged no more than 35 in principle in good health; 4. Able to work and do research full-time at the workstation.
Recruitment Plan Joint Recruitment with Southwest University
Research Field Advisor Number Location
Small and micro finance development Wen Tao, Xie Jiazhi,Zhang Weiguo 1-2 persons Chong Qing
Research Areas 1. Internet Finance 2. Credit assets securitization 3. Enterprise credit system 4. Management and control modes of financial companies 5. Development strategies of small and micro finance institutions against the background of interest rate liberalization 6. Theories and practices of inclusive finance development
Work Conditions and Benefits 1. During post doctoral research work at the workstation, researchers enjoy salary and benefits in reference to those enjoyed by middle managers in Hanhua Guarantee Company. 2. The workstation provides post doctors with housing or rent allowance. 3. The workstation provides post doctors with research funds in accordance with Regulations on Managing Post Doctor Workstation of ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holdings Company. 4. The workstation provides post doctors with relevant office and research support.
Recruitment Procedure 1.Doctoral graduates that meet the above-listed requirements may contact the workstation of ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holdings Company via telephone, letter, e-mail or fax, and then apply in writting. The following materials are required for the application:
① Post Doctoral Research Application Form (Download it at the website of ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holdings Company: www.hanhua.com); ② A copy of doctorate degree certificate or materials that provide proof to passed oral defense of doctorial dissertation; ③ Materials that prove applicants’ academic capacity or work capabilities, such as research results, dissertations or monographs, etc; ④ A copy of ID card (back and front), four 1-inch photos; ⑤ Two letters of recommendation from doctoral advisors focusing on applicants’ discipline (download at Hanhua’s website).
2. The workstation and mobile station conduct qualification examination on the applicants. They will invite and organize a group of experts to assess and evaluate applicants’ academic and research abilities to select enrolled applicants. 3. The selected post doctors register at the workstation and start research after completing relevant procedures. 4. Before registration, enrolled post doctors shall have physical examination, and those physically qualified proceed to sign employment agreement with the workstation. 5. The workstation will sign Agreement on University-Enterprise Joint Recruitment of Post Doctoral Researchers with the mobile station and Post Doctor Employment Agreement with enrolled post doctors to specify duties of the workstation and requirements for post doctors, so as to ensure smooth scientific and research work later on. 6. Deadline for Application Material Submission: September 1st, 2015
Post Doctor Workstation Management Office Hanhua Guarantee Company Ltd February 2015
  • Contact person: Tang Haokun
  • Tel:   023-89666726
  • Fax:   023-89666601-726
  • Address:   Building D,Caifu Center, Honghu East Road No.11,Yubei District,Chongqing
      Post Doctor Workstation Management Office, ope滚球_ope竞彩_opebet娱乐平台 Holding Company
  • Postal Code:   401121
  • E-mail:   po@hanhua.com
Appendix 1: Post-doctoral Research Application Form  download Appendix 2: Letter of Recommendation   download